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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Who you are
makes us who
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Who you are
makes us who we are

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Our impact on animals' lives across the country is directly tied to the contributions of our people. And our impact is elevated substantially when all members of our staff, our partners and our communities are seen, heard and included. Each of us brings a unique and rich perspective to our work. By listening, collaborating and learning with team members from diverse backgrounds, we're able to move further and faster toward our vision of all animals living good lives, valued by society, protected by its laws and free from cruelty, pain and suffering.

Our culture & core values in action

The commitment that the ASPCA has to DEI is something that I have seen firsthand by being part of the DEI council. The council offers an open invitation for any staff member to join and shows the willingness for change and growth at the organization.
Frisnel Lamour, Jr., Senior Veterinary Assistant, Community Medicine

Amanda Sexton- Manager, Partner Relations
Pedro Guzman- Client Operations Manager, NYC Mobile Veterinary Services
Jill McIntosh- Director, Program Management
Stephanie Leguillow- Manager, Operations and Service Delivery

Commitment to DEI is critical because everyone — from the staff we engage and the pet owners we serve, to the young generations we connect with — deserves to be heard and feel like they belong. It is how we truly impact the future and implement effective change.
Dr. Jasmine Bruno, Forensic Veterinarian, Policy, Response and Engagement

How we
diversity, equity
& inclusion

How we approach
diversity, equity
& inclusion


Everyone who joins our team brings with them valuable experiences and varied perspectives. We encourage you to be you and share your ideas. When everyone on our team does so, we enrich our culture, bring more innovative ideas to our mission and create more rewarding career experiences.


We amplify our impact through collaborations with strong partners around the country, including local shelters and animal-welfare organizations, law enforcement agencies, donors and volunteers, professional responders, veterinarians and social-service agencies that share our vision.


We are often guests in communities across the country. Working in communities requires that we listen, offer our passion for our mission with humility and ensure that every community has a voice in shaping solutions that affect them and their animals. Deeper community partnerships amplify our impact for animals in need.


Our commitment to DEI produces the greatest impact in our animal welfare work and aligns closely with our ASPCA Core Values: Commitment, Ownership, Team, Elevate and Impact. We uphold this commitment through our annual DEI Action Plan, which outlines key steps we're taking as an organization to actively embed DEI throughout our work and ensure that we hold ourselves accountable for making progress.

DEI staff council

The DEI Staff Council is a voluntary group, open to all staff members and sponsored by our Executive Leadership Team, dedicated to enhancing our organizational culture by delivering on the ASPCA's DEI Action Plan. The two primary objectives of the Council are:

  • exploring: researching employee experiences that will enhance our understanding of our organizational culture
  • implementing: recommending and taking part in implementing tangible next steps from a DEI Action Plan based on existing project needs

The Council is made up of two dedicated working groups with 8-10 members per group, each centered on a particular theme. Those themes include building diverse candidate pools, promoting an inclusive culture and providing professional development. Council members have a critical voice and role in the direction of our DEI work. They partner with teams across the organization on identified areas of opportunity while bringing diverse perspectives based on their personal and professional experiences.