Care & Enrichment Technician


The ASPCA’s Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC) in Weaverville, NC, is the first and only facility dedicated to the rehabilitation and study of extremely fearful, undersocialized dogs, such as those confiscated from puppy mills and hoarding situations. The goal of the entire BRC team is to work together to improve these dogs’ quality of life and prepare them for life in adoptive homes---an impossible outcome without intensive, structured behavioral interventions and integrative holistic care. 


This key role at the BRC includes providing daily care, cleaning and enrichment for the animals in treatment at our facility in Asheville, NC. The goal of the Rehab Center is to provide behavioral interventions for dogs who are so behaviorally compromised that they suffer from a poor quality of life and cannot be placed in a home without rehabilitation. Critical to their success at the BRC is their ability to stay healthy while in the facility.  

The Care and Enrichment Technicians (CETs), who comprise a team of 8 in total, work together to provide daily care and enrichment, perform low stress handling and husbandry, closely monitor and report signs of medical and behavioral change and keep all animal care areas stocked with supplies. The CETs also prepare and provide daily enrichment items to keep dogs engaged and reduce stress, facilitate playgroups, and assist the behavior staff as requested with specific parts of the interventions. One of the most critical functions of the CETs is to serve as part of a harmonious, united team of shelter operations, shelter medicine and animal behavior experts, all dedicated to collaborating with each other to provide balanced, holistic care. 


This position is based in Weaverville, near Asheville, NC, and will report to the BRC’s Senior Manager, Care and Enrichment. There will be no direct reports.  


Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: 


Direct Animal Care & Monitoring (75%): 

  • Provide daily care and support for the dogs in treatment, adhering to the BRC standard operating procedures and low stress handling and approach. 

  • Ensure the comfort and cleanliness of shelter animal population on a daily basis. 

  • Monitor and help maintain the medical and behavioral health of shelter animals; documenting all medical and behavioral concerns and observations on a daily basis. 

  • Ensure adherence to nutrition, sanitation and infectious disease-prevention protocols established by the ASPCA’s Shelter Medicine Services team and BRC Operations Management. 

  • Comply with specific feeding programs established by the Senior Director of Medical. 

  • Support the behavioral growth of the dogs in treatment, in coordination with the Behavior Branch and treatment paradigms of the program.  

  • Assist as requested in behavior treatments and interventions. 

  • Take inventory, restock supplies and put away deliveries as needed. 

  • Provide a safe and compassionate environment for animals in our care, our staff, by using low-stress handling techniques. 

Enrichment & Program Support (25%): 

  • Follow guidelines to ensure that animal holding areas include appropriate music and/or auditory stimulation for shelter animals. 

  • Manage play groups and graduate activities as directed by Senior Manager of Care and Enrichment. 

  • Prepare and distribute enrichment as directed; being open to specific needs based on treatment status or special needs. 

  • Assist in onboarding and integrating volunteers into daily care, setting clear expectations, providing guidance as needed and always communicating respect and gratitude for volunteer support. 

  • Drive an ASPCA vehicle to transport animals when needed and maintain the cleanliness of the animal transport vehicles when used. 

  • Assist in Learning Lab collaborative modules to provide understanding to shelter partners around BRC Operations protocols as needed. 

  • Under the direction of the Senior Manager of Care & Enrichment and the Senior Director of Operations, provide hands-on coaching of Operational procedures & protocols for ASPCA visitors. 


Exemplifies the ASPCA’s Core Values: 

  • Has Commitment and dedication to improving the lives of animals 

  • Demonstrates Ownership and feels responsible for outcomes 

  • Believes in Team – that we are stronger together 

  • Seeks to Elevate others and reimagine what is possible 

  • Focuses on Impact, specifically making change for animals 


  • Always treats people and animals with care and respect; must be a compassionate caregiver for animals and have a genuine interest in working with others maintains a consistently positive attitude; must enjoy working directly with people; respects team members at all levels 

  • Cultivates a climate in which individual differences and perspectives are valued, respected, encouraged and supported 

  • Forms authentic, trusting relationships which enhance individual and team performance 

  • Ability to work independently as well as part of a team 

  • Ability to troubleshoot and problem-solve 

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills 

  • Meticulous organizational skills; pays close attention to detail  

  • Must enjoy keeping animals and kennels clean 

  • Ability to skillfully restrain, lift, and handle animals in stressful conditions 

  • Ability to work closely with behaviorally compromised animals and feel comfortable working in an environment where euthanasia is performed on a regular basis 

  • Interest in working with undersocialized dogs with extreme fear issues 

  • Must be willing to work in an environment with potentially extreme temperature changes and weather conditions as well as exposure to chemical and biological hazards, such as feces and blood. 

  • Displays care and concern for the safety and well-being of self, animals and others, especially during stressful times 

  • Must be able to lift up to 100 lbs with assistance, carry up to 50 lbs, and have the physical capacity to bend, crawl, reach overhead, kneel and repetitively use hands to meet the physical demands of this position 

  • Flexible and willing to attend mandatory staff meetings and training classes that may not occur during regular work hours. 

  • Ability to work on weekends and holidays. 

  • Must provide a valid driver’s license upon hire and pass a motor vehicle history check demonstrating a safe driving history.  



  • English (required) 


Education & Work Experience 

  • High school diploma or GED required 

  • Professional or volunteer animal care experience with dogs is required 

  • 6 months of professional or volunteer animal care experience with dogs is strongly preferred 

  • Animal shelter experience with dogs strongly preferred; dog boarding or veterinary clinic experience with dogs preferred 

  • Fear Free Shelter Certification within 60 days of hire 

Compensation and benefits: 

Starting pay for the successful applicant will depend on a variety of factors, including but not limited to education, training, experience, location, business needs, internal equity, market demands or budgeted amount for the role. The target hiring range is for new hire offers only, and staff compensation may increase beyond the maximum hiring range based on performance over time. The maximum of the hiring range is reserved for candidates with the highest qualifications and relevant experience. The expected hiring salary range for this role is set forth below and may be modified in the future.  

The target hiring range for this role is $20.75-$22.19. 

Check our website for more information on our benefits offerings. 


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English (Required)

Education and Work Experience:

High School Diploma (Required)


About Us:
The ASPCA was founded in 1866 on the belief that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment by humans and must be protected under the law. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation with more than two million supporters nationwide, the ASPCA is committed to preventing cruelty to dogs, cats, equines, and farm animals throughout the United States.

The ASPCA is headquartered in New York City, where we maintain a full-service animal hospital, spay/neuter clinic, mobile spay/neuter and primary pet care clinics, a rehabilitation center for canine victims of cruelty, kitten nursery, adoption center, and two community veterinary centers.

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Applicants that are residents of Colorado: Per CO Senate Bill 23-058, we cannot generally request or require any age-related information (i.e., age, DOB, attendance or graduation dates from an educational institution) on an initial employment application; this includes any age-related inquiries in the initial interview. We are permitted to require/request additional application materials; if those materials contain any age-related information, an applicant may redact the information before submitting an initial employment application.