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Build a better
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The ASPCA helps vulnerable animals in a variety of challenging situations. These animals require experts, like you, to provide them with the best care and outcomes. Whether at one of our facilities, deployed in the field or working remotely, you'll have opportunities to help individual animals.

  • Our hands-on animal behavior work and facilities are designed for recovery and rehabilitation.
  • We conduct groundbreaking animal behavior research, develop new best practices and provide education and consulting to elevate behavioral healthcare in shelters nationwide.
  • Team members use their expertise to monitor and support psychological health, modify behavior that causes suffering and prevents adoption, serve on integrated care teams, provide consultation for our shelter partners, counsel adopters, participate in studies and more.

Looking for a team as passionate as you are? You belong with us.

the field of
shelter behavior

Animal Behavior at the ASPCA is all about collaborating to maximize impact. Beyond our direct work with animals, our teams are leading groundbreaking research on treatment interventions, working to establish the field of forensic behavior through research on the psychological repercussions of suffering cruelty and doing so much more to broaden our impact and advance the field. When you join us, you become part of a large internal team of behavior specialists, not only in your department but across the entire organization.

  • We foster a culture that encourages our experts to connect, troubleshoot together and learn from each other.
  • We provide shelter professionals with online resources to help them integrate behavior best practices into their own operations.
  • We also offer an on-site, experiential training program for shelter partners at our Behavioral Rehabilitation Center in North Carolina, where organizations can build plans to grow and strengthen their own behavior services.

Build your
career at the A

If you love animals like we do and crave an environment where you can transform your work into a meaningful, lasting impact for some of the most vulnerable animals, you've found it. The ASPCA is a great fit for you if you're looking for plenty of opportunities to collaborate, expand your skills and build a career you can be proud of.

Shelter behavior
apprenticeship (SBA)

Interested in a career in shelter animal behavior but don't yet have the professional experience? As part of our goal to elevate animal behavior in shelters, we've launched the ASPCA's Shelter Behavior Apprenticeship (SBA). This one-of-a-kind, immersive learning experience provides a deep dive into shelter animal behavior. Developed by leaders in the animal behavior field, the SBA experience brings together the science of animal behavior and hands-on training, applied to the context of animal shelters. There's simply no program out there like it! Reach out to us at about our upcoming SBA sessions.

Staff testimonials

Sara Xing Eisenberg, Behavior Associate

This is extremely rewarding work.
I work on the canine behavior team for the Animal Rehabilitation Center (ARC) and the Canine Annex for Recovery and Enrichment (CARE) in NYC. This includes assessing, evaluating and conducting behavior modification treatments for all dogs coming into these departments. I joined the ASPCA because I love seeing firsthand how animals can thrive in a home when coming from neglectful or abusive backgrounds. It's always extremely rewarding to work with a dog who has come in initially very fearful, and with behavior treatment and time, blossoms into an exuberant, adoptable pup!

Kat Miller, Senior Director, Learning Lab

There are so many career opportunities to explore here at the A.
The breadth and the depth of our reach in the field of animal welfare has kept me challenged and engaged for 18 years. I've been able to apply and grow my expertise in a variety of ways, including hands-on with animals, doing animal behavior research and now through educational programs.

Kelley Brewer-Posey, Behavior Associate

I've been lucky to have this opportunity.
What is unique about my career path here is that I started cleaning kennels and was able to move into the behavior department. We have an exceptionally awesome training program where we can learn the skills to become a behavior specialist and work with fearful dogs in a capacity that enables their rehabilitation.

Sara Xing Eisenberg, Behavior Associate
Kat Miller, Senior Director, Learning Lab
Kelley Brewer-Posey, Behavior Associate

Hear from our team members

The collaborative relationships I have formed here have been incredible. The ASPCA Learning Lab has also provided a way to meet other animal welfare professionals across the country.

— Behavioral Rehabilitation Center Team Member

The ASPCA has more resources to research best behavior practices and unify behavior treatment and enrichment. We also have an elite group of behavior professionals who prioritize continuing education and critical thinking.

— ASPCA Animal Hospital Team Member

I love that our team and all of the other behavior teams are working to elevate the work we do, underscore its importance and really propel the science of behavior.

— Behavioral Sciences Team Member

The animals themselves provide a unique experience. In private training, you usually deal with the 10 most common behavior problems over and over. But at the A, it's a very special group of dogs that present behavior challenges you will not see in most shelters or with private clients. We need to continually think outside the box and collaborate with other team members.

— Behavioral Rehabilitation Center Team Member

I love my job and working for the ASPCA. I have the opportunity to be challenged by my work, supported by an inspiring team of colleagues and make a difference in the field of animal welfare. All of this is possible because I am treated as a whole person who is able to have a healthy balance between work and life.

— ASPCA Learning Lab Staff Member