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Our work focuses on helping homeless animals, victims of cruelty and neglect and animals whose owners face barriers to accessing veterinary services. By providing free or low-cost care to those most in need, conducting clinical research that we share with the larger veterinary field and training veterinarians and students, the ASPCA makes a lasting impact. If you're driven to improve the lives of vulnerable animals in a powerful way, explore our roles for veterinarians.

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One of the many benefits of pursuing a career with the ASPCA is our variety of work. Whether you're interested in shelter medicine, forensic sciences, general practice, urgent care, toxicology or spay/neuter surgery, you can find a function that fits your skills and expertise. We work in mobile clinics, adoption centers, community veterinary clinics, hospitals, behavior rehabilitation centers and more in locations across the country. There are opportunities to engage directly with under-resourced communities to help keep people and pets together, to deploy in the field to rescue those in urgent need, to refine surgical and dentistry skills, to manage staff and lead teams, to train students and interns and more — the ASPCA offers a wide range of career opportunities for veterinarians, regardless of where you're at in your career journey. We also support animals in locations across the country — including remote positions.

Staff testimonials

Dr. Denise Hugaboom, Director- Clinic Mentorship Program

The ASPCA allows me to make a larger impact on animals and animal welfare than I ever thought possible.
I lead a team of rockstar veterinary assistants and veterinary technicians who are responsible for training all medical support staff that visit our facility in Asheville, NC, in best practices for High-Quality High-Volume Spay Neuter (HQHVSN). I cannot speak highly enough of the personal and professional care and support this organization provides on a day-to-day basis. They have continued to support my growth and development as a manager through various leadership trainings, seminars and mentorship. After having worked for 10 years in general practice and urgent care prior to the ASPCA, the best advice that I can give someone considering a career at the A is — DO IT!

Dr. Camille DeClementi, Vice President- ASPCA Animal Hospital

Why I Chose to Work at the ASPCA
I've stayed at the A for over 20 years, in a variety of roles. I've had a lot of opportunity to grow as a person, to change the types of medicine that I was doing so it's been a great career overall for me. I've had a lot of different opportunities and growth potential here at the ASPCA.

Dr. Stephanie Janeczko, Vice President of Shelter Medicine Services

I love the variety of work that I get to do within the big umbrella that is shelter medicine.
That includes working across the teams at the organization through the amazing programs that we have, delivering veterinary care and providing shelter for animals who are most in need, as well as the opportunity to work with others across the field and the country.

Dr. Denise Hugaboom, Director
Dr. Camille DeClementi
Dr. Stephanie Janeczko

Your well-being

As the first animal welfare organization in North America and the leading voice within that movement, we see first-hand how the lives of animals and humans are intertwined. When you support one, you support the other. We also know our greatest impact occurs when our care for vulnerable animals is matched by our care for each other.

  • We offer an inspiring, collaborative and safe working environment.
  • We seek committed individuals who appreciate the healthy work/life balance that comes from clear expectations, predictable schedules, caring leaders and well-resourced facilities.
  • You'll collaborate closely with a team of experienced veterinarians, skilled veterinary technicians and dedicated support staff who keep the work running smoothly.
  • You won't have to worry about the high costs of services to clients — you can focus on your patients and the quality care they truly need.

Build your skills

One of our core values is Elevate — to reimagine what's possible. We are committed to seeking out new ideas and continually growing as an organization and as individuals. Growth, development and skill building are embedded in our culture. Here, you'll have a strong team to lean on and learn with.

  • You can engage in everyday learning, mentorship opportunities, connections to experts in the field, continuing education and ongoing training.
  • For newer veterinary professionals, we offer internships, externships, fellowships, a shelter medicine residency and other training programs.
  • For those later in their careers, we offer opportunities for you to continue learning and to share your expertise with others.

Hear from our team members

I would say the things I like most about the ASPCA are the team culture and work/life balance. I have been a veterinarian for over 12 years, and this is by far my favorite job.

— Kitten Nursery Team Member

The ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) is unique in its mission and capabilities. There are many doctors, a board surgeon and an internist. We have the ability to practice excellent medicine and provide care for so many pets that would not otherwise be able to receive care.

— ASPCA Animal Hospital Team Member

I'm very proud to work for an organization that is top in its field and has such immense current and historical impact in a wide array of work and locations. I commonly hear from team members that this is an important factor for them in working at the A. They enjoy speaking about our work with people they meet.

— Client & Member Support Team Member

The resources available at the ASPCA are above and beyond any other organization I have worked for. I have never worked in an environment with this level of communication, collaboration and innovation.

— Behavioral Rehabilitation Center Team Member

I learn from every case and from other staff. I love that we save animals from cruelty situations and that I can be part of deployments that allow me to work and collaborate with ASPCA staff members from other branches. It's a continual educational experience, as well as very fulfilling to know I made a difference in a dog's life.

— Behavioral Rehabilitation Center Team Member

I came from private practice with very long days, nights and full weekends. Working at the A, I'm home for dinner with my family every night. I didn't know it at the time, but I have found working in community medicine very rewarding — more so than private practice.

— Community Medicine Team Member

I love the camaraderie among the doctors. Fresh out of vet school, I learned so much from all the doctors around me — and all of them were patient mentors. I continue to utilize this "brain trust" for any difficult case to get ideas for how to treat or diagnose an animal. They have shaped me to be the doctor I am today.

— Animal Recovery Center Team Member